Lifty 5

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Lifty 5, Transferring Home Hoist Device 250 Kg

Showing, and transferring slings

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  1. 360° range and padded 4-point spreader bar.
  2. Electrical and manual emergency release system.
  3. Manual leg spreader.
  4. The latest generation of Linak motors.
  5. Anti-slip manual leg spreader.
  6. Twin wheel braked castors at the rear and twin wheel castors at the front.
  7. Electrical and manual leg versions.
  8. Delivered with a comfortable sling.
  9. Max user capacity 250 KG
  10. Easy manoeuvrability.
  11. Wire remote control.
  12. Linak motor.
  13. Anti-tearing kit.
  14. Chargeable battery.

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